How to buy things online and import them to Kenya

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Lets say you want to start a business. Either a drop shipping business or any kind that requires sourcing of items from outside the country, you will need to find a good quick channel to get items brought into Kenya. This video will be a simple ex-plainer on how to go about it.

Step 1. Get a shipping Address.

If you are purchasing from China, I would recommend getting an M-Post account. It costs only Kshs 300 bob per year and they will give you an address that looks like your phone number. With this address, you will go to or which are the most trusted marketplaces to buy items in bulk and in the shipping area, just add that address and save it. When you purchase an item, you will select the address when checking out and thats it. Within a period of 3 weeks or a month, your items will be here and you will collect them from GPO offices.
If you are an old school person who still uses those old post office boxes, you can also use it to receive items. Please note that if you are importing from the US and Europe, your items can be subjected to customs duty. Also avoid importing second hand items as some of them might not be allowed or can have an extra charge. The post office boxes cost kshs 2000 per year but is not really necessary. Am yet to find its advantage over the m-post.

2. Using a shipping agency.
There are several shipping agencies that can handle all the shipping for you. This is in fact very useful if you are importing items from the US and Europe. Importing electronics have extra precautions that the companies will need to take before shipping your item and this companies help with all that. Some of this companies are Vitumob, something random, Kentex Cargo, Savostore and if you’d like to import computer parts, Shuffle PCs are specialist in that front. The cost of shipping from this companies averages kshs 1000 per KG.
Other companies like Salama are good for importing bulk materials since they have the option of items being shipped over by sea, which drastically makes shipping bulk items more affordable. They will also handle all the shipping logistics and deliver the items to your location.

When buying from china, I’d recommend two websites that I have personal experience with and that is aliexpress and You can get almost anything you can think of from this two websites.

From the US and Europe, my suggestion would be amazon and if its computer parts, you can use Bestbuy and Newegg. I wouldn’t recommend using e-bay because sometimes the devices have issues and are not new. If you want to buy shoes, designer clothes and the likes, visit the official stores of what you want e.g Nike shop, adidas, etc. It is common to find counterfeit items in amazon and ebay therefore you need to be a lot more kin.

Before buying anything, make sure you read the reviews just to see what people are talking about and make a decision.

Head over to their websites and check them out. They haven’t paid me for this video but they are trusted companies that I can recommend.

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